Zang Toi’s new home in Upper East Side

Zang Toi recently open his home to Elle decor and find out his obsession…Zang Toi’s obsession with Marie Antoinette


Strict diet of minimalismpicture-5.jpg



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  1. FeelingFlirty on

    It’s really beautiful but it would be like living in a museum I think. Where would you sit and curl up with a book and a mug of coffee? I’d be afraid I’d spill something.

  2. tmour on

    Hi FeelingFlirty, I don’t think they ever do that cos they, Zang Toi and his brother See Lun, are real workaholics and they enjoy their work, that is the best thing about them. I takes my hats off to their quality of work!

  3. Asian Models Blog on

    Fabulous apartment!!

  4. enc on


  5. marian on

    completely GORGEOUS!! love the palette, it totally works! The art pieces are perfect for that room.
    muah x

  6. mitten vinyl on

    That is very important section. Thanks.

  7. […] Toi had a unit photographed for a March 2007 emanate of Elle Decor in that it was suggested a walls and ceilings via a approximately 1,300 block feet associated crib […]

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